Friday, 30 September 2011

Hakusen Nagashi (COMPLETED)

Sonoko (Sakai), a rural high school student, notices stars drawn on her desk at school. It seems that sitting at that very same desk at night is Wataru, a poor teenage student, who with no parents is forced to work during the day and study at night. Then one day a chance encounter changes their lives in this nostalgic teenage love story. (Nagase) is a high school student who dropped out but is now going back to night school. He works at a metal shop type of place. His father died and his mother abandoned him, so he is living alone, going to work and going to night school. Sonoko is a high schoolsenior at North Matsumoto High School in Nagano Prefecture. They meet, actually crash into each other on a street. She leaves a book about the stars behind. Wataru manages to return the book to Sonoko. Later Sonoko finds out that Wataru uses her desk at night school. Sonoko and Wataru have feelings for each other.

Sonoko’s friends Madoka (Kyono) and Fuyumi (Mabuchi) are very good supporting characters. Yusuke (Kashiwabara) plays Sonoko’s classmate and has a major crush on her. Yui Ryoko is Wataru’s coworker at the metal shop and does not like Sonoko at all, she wants Wataru for herself.


English (Hardsubbed)





Code: hakusennagashi01.part1.rar hakusennagashi01.part2.rar hakusennagashi01.part3.rar hakusennagashi02.part1.rar hakusennagashi02.part2.rar hakusennagashi02.part3.rar hakusennagashi03.part1.rar hakusennagashi03.part2.rar hakusennagashi03.part3.rar hakusennagashi04.part1.rar hakusennagashi04.part2.rar hakusennagashi04.part3.rar hakusennagashi05.part1.rar hakusennagashi05.part2.rar hakusennagashi05.part3.rar hakusennagashi06.part1.rar hakusennagashi06.part2.rar hakusennagashi06.part3.rar hakusennagashi07.part1.rar hakusennagashi07.part2.rar hakusennagashi07.part3.rar hakusennagashi08.part1.rar hakusennagashi08.part2.rar hakusennagashi08.part3.rar hakusennagashi09.part1.rar hakusennagashi09.part2.rar hakusennagashi09.part3.rar hakusennagashi10.part1.rar hakusennagashi10.part2.rar hakusennagashi10.part3.rar hakusennagashi11final.part1.rar hakusennagashi11final.part2.rar hakusennagashi11final.part3.rar hakusennagashisp1.part1.rar hakusennagashisp1.part2.rar hakusennagashisp1.part3.rar hakusennagashisp1.part4.rar hakusennagashisp2.part1.rar hakusennagashisp2.part2.rar hakusennagashisp2.part3.rar hakusennagashisp3.part1.rar hakusennagashisp3.part2.rar hakusennagashisp3.part3.rar hakusennagashisp4.part1.rar hakusennagashisp4.part2.rar hakusennagashisp4.part3.rar hakusennagashisp4.part4.rar hakusennagashisp5.part1.rar hakusennagashisp5.part2.rar hakusennagashisp5.part3.rar hakusennagashisp5.part4.rar

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