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Shomuni Final is a comedic drama serial, continued from Shomuni 2.

Tsuboi Chinatsu, the most hated GA-2 by the Personnel Department, has resigned from Manpan Corporation. During the wedding reception, she asks four of the five female GA-2 employees (all of them except Tsukahara Sawako) whether they wished to have a little bet on whether Tsukahara Sawako would lose her virginity by the end of the month (30th of June). At the same time, Sawako is made the new “de facto” leader of GA-2, and she struggles to fill the boots left behind by Chinatsu.

Shomuni (ショムニ) is a comedic TV drama serial based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Gumi Yasuda (安田弘之 Yasuda Gumi).
The stories revolve around the Office Ladies of General Affairs department 2 (Shomu ni, or GA-2) in a large multinational company called Manpan Corporation.
GA-2 is called "the graveyard for female office ladies", simply because it is the place where female employees are dumped should they mess up big time elsewhere. Jobs include replacing used toilet rolls, changing light-bulbs, organizing company outings among other menial stuff. As an added incentive, their department is located in the nether regions of the company - in the basement, and is in fact a disused store room.


English (Hardsubbed)





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